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Welcome To – Where High Achievers or Entrepreneurs Come To Be Held Accountable

Are you a small business owner or operator who:

:white_check_mark: Sometimes lacks focus, procrastinates or feels overwhelm?

:white_check_mark: Is regularly disappointed with your daily productivity at work?

:white_check_mark: Spending too much time working in the business and not on it?

:white_check_mark: Has the drive and desire to increase their sales and profits?

At, we understand the importance of accountability, perseverance, focus, and action in achieving your business dreams.

We don’t just offer coaching; we offer a transformative partnership where your aspirations become reality by turning your big ideas finally into results that explode your revenue and profits.

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In the realm of entrepreneurship, clarity is the key that unlocks a world of possibilities.

Imagine being able to pinpoint your primary goals and objectives with laser precision, then dedicate your time and efforts towards them without being overwhelmed or side-tracked. That’s the power of understanding your core work and combining it with the proven evidence-based principles for productivity.

The difference between a thriving entrepreneur and an overwhelmed one often comes down to perspective.

While the latter is immersed in the day-to-day operations, always feeling like there’s never enough time, the former is always a step ahead, overseeing the bigger picture, and doing the deep-work required to achieve their dreams.

My Profit Tutor is ‘personal training for productivity‘ company. We pair entrepreneurs with a personal trainer for improving productivity. Our sole job is helping you to keep focused and on track by checking in daily, and helping you get more done in a week than most people do in a month.

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Why Choose

Personalized Coaching, Daily Accountability, and Tailored Strategies –

We offer our clients: :sparkles:

:sparkles: Individualised Weekly Coaching: Each week, we assess the progress made, learn from any obstacles, adjust the plan as needed, and set fresh objectives. These sessions often serve as a motivational boost for our clients, rekindling their drive and enthusiasm.

:sparkles: Daily Accountability: Working with us, every day becomes a step toward achieving your business goals. We provide unwavering daily support and ensure your determination amplifies, making consistency your superpower.

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:sparkles: Tailored Strategies: Like a fingerprint, your business needs a unique approach. We help design an action plan exclusively for you, aligning your strengths to overcome the challenges, making entrepreneurship a joyous journey.

:sparkles: Mindset Mastery: Willpower alone can’t sustain success. We guide you step by step, nurturing the right mindset, psychology, and habits crucial for lasting prosperity.

:sparkles: Guaranteed Transformation: We’re 100% confident in our approach. Try our proactive accountability coaching risk-free for 90 days. If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund your payment. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.

Do You Have Someone In Your Corner Who Thinks 10X Bigger Than You (1)

What Sets Us Apart?

Our mission is to empower small business owners, generating $500,000 to $5 million annually, to double their productivity and boost their revenues and profits. Through just 30 minutes of accountability coaching each week, we aim to enhance their performance without compromising their independence or altering their preferred methods of operation.

To achieve this, we provide:

  • Initial Consultation With Business Expert To Review & Align Your Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Business Goals
  • 1-on-1 Productivity Coaching Session Each Month To Create Your Weekly Action Plan (40 minute session)
  • Your Coach Check-ins Daily To Ensure You’re On-Track And Keep You Accountable Day By Day
  • Fast Answers To All Productivity or Procrastination Questions Every Day
  • Celebrate The Wins And Share Insights From The Obstacles You Face
  • Ongoing Mindset & Habit Coaching For Long-Term Results
  • Every 90-Days, A Quarterly Planning Reflection and Future Business Planning Consultation
  • Investing Time, For You To Accomplish Ongoing Business Success!

You’re not going at it alone anymore! Join today and experience the difference genuine dedicated support can make pulling your business forward.

Your best business year starts here.

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make Is In Yourself

What Is The Investment?

Monthly Payment – $399 per month (less than $13 a day)

New Client Special Offer – If you’re a dedicated entrepreneur who is ready to commit and take action, Pay a One-Off Payment of $798 TODAY to receive 3 months coaching for the price of 2. (saving $399).

We can get you started straight away and you’ll be on your way to doubling your productivity in 2024.

Upon enrollment, anticipate a confirmation email in your inbox in the first 24 hours. Embedded within it is a thoughtfully crafted questionnaire.

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4 Free Bonuses If You Join Today (value $1900)

Weekly Planning Meetings Rather Than Monthly: Dont let those goals and dreams slip by. Sign up today and receive FOUR Coaching Session Each Month To Create Your Weekly Action Plan (rather than one). These 10 additional sessions each month would normally cost you an additional $1500 every quarter.

      2. For all new clients committing today, we’ll send a year’s supply of business planners (RRP $99.95) for taking action. Even if you decide accountability coaching is not for you, you get to keep these.

      pile of 90 day day goal planner journals

      3. Emergency Support: We provide three “emergency” sessions for times when they feel particularly stuck, demotivated or experiencing demotivation. ($300 additional value)

      4. Price Lock Guarantee: If you sign up today, you’ll lock in the ongoing price of $399 per month as long as you stay as a client, even if rates increase for new clients.

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      Your New Accountability Coach

      Hello, I’m Rhett, the brains behind MyProfitTutor.

      In the last seven years, I’ve mentored over 115 entrepreneurs, accumulating 3000+ hours of 1-to-1 coaching across diverse sectors, niches and specializations.

      Having navigated the entrepreneurial waters for over two decades, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of a business that’s lacks clear structure and accountability. I know the feeling of inertia that comes from this.

      Many small business owners, when faced with this paralysis, tend to gravitate towards the familiar traps: temporary self-help reads, costly guru-led courses, or complicated project management systems.

      Believe me, I’ve been down that road, investing precious time, money, and energy in search of the elusive ‘next best thing’.

      But my story didn’t start in entrepreneurship. I honed my skills as a professional soccer coach in the UK for 12 years.

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      It was during this phase that I immersed myself in evidence-based research and techniques to bolster mental fortitude and achieve set objectives.

      When I transitioned to guiding budding entrepreneurs, a revelation hit me. The discipline, routines, and methods I employed in soccer coaching were the very catalysts needed to drive success in business.

      This revelation transformed my approach to business coaching and reshaped the trajectory of my own business ventures. The accountability framework I offer isn’t just sustainable; it’s grounded in concrete science.

      I’m here, equipped and eager, to propel you towards your goals at a pace you didn’t deem possible. If you’d like to have a discovery call with me, click here.

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      21 Most Commonly Asked Questions

      1. Is there a contractual obligation or a minimum monthly commitment?

      No, there are no contractual obligations or minimum monthly commitments at We believe in flexibility, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

      2. Is it necessary to complete an application to become a client?

      We do have a rigorous application process. Unfortunately 14% of applications are declined. Some individuals come to us seeking an accountability coach, believing it will magically resolve all their challenges in their personal life too.

      We work best with clients who are brutally honest with themselves and willing to do what it takes to achieve your goals. Success often comes after a series of failures.

      If you stay resilient, persistent, and consistent in your efforts, especially in the face of setbacks, we’ll get along just fine. 

      3. Do I need to purchase equipment, gear, office supplies, or software programs?

      No, you don’t need to worry about additional expenses. provides comprehensive and devoted support without requiring you to buy any extra equipment. When you join, we’ll send a year’s supply of business planners (RRP $99.95)

      4. Is MyProfitTutor accessible for international users?

      Absolutely, this is accessible to dedicated entrepreneurs from all around the world. Regardless of your location, you can benefit from our personalised accountability coaching and daily support to drive you forward.

      We currently have a diverse community of motivated clients spanning the globe.

      5. Why is it so expensive?

      Our pricing reflects the expertise, resources, and personalized approach we bring to each coaching session and the daily accountability interactions.

      We’re dedicated to providing exceptional value, and our clients often find that the increased productivity and revenue far outweigh the initial investment.

      6. I’m a new business owner and I’m not generating $500,000 in revenue. Can I still become a client?

      Absolutely! While our mission statement highlights our expertise with businesses in the $500,000 to $5 million range, we believe every small business owner can benefit from accountability coaching.

      We’re more than happy to work with you at any stage of your business journey.

      7. Is it really worth the time or expense to grow my business?

      Investing in your business’s growth not only provides financial benefits but also creates opportunities for personal development, market expansion, and long-term stability.

      Our accountability coaching system is designed to ensure that the time and money you invest yield tangible results, both immediately and in the future.

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      8. I don’t want to lose autonomy on how I structure my business and personal life.

      Our coaching approach is not about taking control but about guiding and supporting.

      Your autonomy and individuality remain intact. We’re here to offer productivity insights and time-management strategies that align with your vision and goals, not to dictate how you should run your business.

      9. What is the time commitment?

      Our program is designed to be efficient and impactful with just a 30-minute commitment each week. We understand the value of your time and ensure every minute spent with us is productive and not sitting in useless meetings.

      10. I’m skeptic about the effectiveness of having someone coach me about my time management.

      It’s natural to have reservations. However, sometimes an external perspective can identify patterns and opportunities that business operators might overlook.

      Our coaches bring a wealth of business experience and proven techniques that many of our clients have found transformative. If you’d like to have a discovery call with the founder, click here.

      11. You work with different businesses. How do I know what we discuss is confidential or will not be stolen?

      Client confidentiality is a cornerstone of our practice. MyProfitTutor has strict protocols and agreements in place to ensure that everything discussed remains private and protected. Your trust is paramount, and we’re committed to upholding it.

      12. My business associates will laugh at me if they hear I have an accountability coach.

      Every successful individual, from athletes to entrepreneurs, leverages coaches or mentors at some point in their journey.

      Seeking support isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of commitment to growth and excellence. Over time, the results will speak for themselves and they’ll be coming to you for advice.

      13. My Operations Manager runs the business on a day-to-day basis. Can I sign them up or do you only work with business owners?

      We work with both business owners and key decision-makers in organizations. If your operations manager is pivotal to your business’s success, we’d be happy to work with them to enhance their effectiveness and alignment with your business goals.

      14. I’ve had a past negative experience working with a business coach. What is the difference between a business coach and an accountability coach?

      While a business coach often focuses on broader aspects like strategy, market positioning, and scaling, an accountability coach specifically hones in on ensuring you stay on track, meet your commitments, and build habits that lead to sustained success.

      We’re here to keep you accountable to your goals, offering consistent feedback and support. If you’d like to have a discovery call with the founder, click here.

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      15. I’m based in India; we have different cultural norms, so will it work here?

      Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and cultural sensitivity. While the principles of accountability are universal, we tailor our approach to respect and align with the unique cultural nuances of every region we work in, including India.

      16. I’m doubtful. Could this be too good to be accurate?

      We understand your scepticism, but rest assured, is dedicated to genuine support and results, hence why our driven coaches never oversee more than fifteen clients at any time. (That’s a commitment of 3 meetings, each day, each week) Our coaches want to be at our best when we speak to you.

      Our unique approach, personalised coaching, and daily accountability have transformed numerous businesses. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself and witness the positive impact we can make on your entrepreneurial journey.

      17. Is the money-back guarantee policy genuine?

      Absolutely, our 90-day money-back guarantee is genuine and risk-free. We are confident in our proactive coaching methods.

      If, within the first three months, you find that our approach and allegiance isn’t right for you, we will promptly refund your payment. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.

      18. Why should I trust MyProfitTutor Accountability coaches?

      Your future coach is an experienced entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience. Like you, they’ve encountered the entrepreneurial highs and lows. He attends weekly coaching himself to improve their business and coaching performance.

      You’ll be hard-pressed to find a small business owner who achieves extraordinary results without using a coach, hence why they too have mentors. Our recent client survey resulted a 95.6% approval rating by our clients!

      If growing and scaling your business feels like a permanent guessing game, Join Now!

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      19. Why did you start My Profit Tutor?

      Throughout my observations of business owners, I noticed a consistent challenge they faced: a gap between their high productivity expectations and the reality of their daily performance.

      Most felt they weren’t meeting their potential, often being overly critical of themselves.

      I came to understand that while modern tools like technology and internet access have simplified the process of starting a business, they’ve inadvertently contributed to a lack of focus due to increased feelings of isolation.

      Historically, humans flourish when they’re connected and part of a community.

      The path of entrepreneurship often means working alone, a scenario not naturally conducive to focus and productivity. This realization drove me to create My Profit Tutor, a platform offering both a sense of community and accountability.

      Over the years, it’s become evident that entrepreneurs truly thrive when they have a structured system of accountability.

      Please feel free to Contact Us if you have more questions regarding our business.

      20. Can’t I use a productivity app to get the same results?

      While there is an entire industry dedicated to productivity software, they often treat the symptom rather than the root cause.

      Sure, they offer sleek user interfaces and timely reminders, but that doesn’t directly address the core of the productivity challenge.

      For entrepreneurs, it goes beyond just organization; it’s about human connection. While highly organized individuals might find these tools useful, many entrepreneurs require more than an app.

      They seek genuine human interaction and accountability. We are inherently concerned about others’ perceptions of us due to evolutionary reasons; for ages, such behavior ensured our survival.

      It’s worth noting the significant churn rate within the productivity software sector.

      Unfortunately, many founders in this space aren’t transparent about the rapid drop-off in user engagement shortly after installation, largely because these tools lack the human touch.

      21. What is covered in the weekly meetings?

      In our weekly meetings, we focus on pinpointing the most impactful opportunities for growth in both your personal and professional life.

      Many business operators have broad aspirations but lack a concise plan for the immediate future. My goal is to help you articulate and streamline these ambitions into actionable steps.

      We start by clarifying your goals and then break them down to a manageable weekly plan. To keep you on track, we’ll send daily text reminders about the tasks you’ve set and see how you are getting on, while helping you overcome challenges.

      Each week, we assess the progress made, learn from any obstacles, adjust the plan as needed, and set fresh objectives. These sessions often serve as a motivational boost for my clients, rekindling their drive and enthusiasm.

      Regarding your long-term goals: absolutely, we address them too. Our approach is to align your weekly goals with your overarching vision.

      I strive to understand your ultimate objectives, whether that’s business expansion or a more balanced lifestyle.

      Together, we’ll dissect these aims into significant milestones and projects that guide you towards your end goal. In essence, we tie your weekly productivity tasks to the core values that intrinsically motivate you.

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      Money Back Guarantee